WetBrush Treasured Waters Speed Mermaid Tail Dry Hair Brush

SKU: 101494

Dive Deep into Speed Drying

Unleash your inner mermaid while speeding up your blow-drying. Vented blow-dry brush WetBrush Speed Dry Hair Brush is inspired by the ocean with delicate hues and patterns to indulge your inner mermaid. Blow-drying time is sped up with HeatFlex heat-resistant bristles and open vented design which allows moisture to be released from hair faster. The result? Less blow-drying time for happier hair.


  • Gorgeous ocean inspired pattern in delicate hues
  • Speeds up blow-drying time
  • HeatFlex heat-resistant bristles gently detangle
  • Open vented design allows moisture to leave hair quickly
  • Works wonders on all hair types
  • Brush design contours to scalp for extra comfort

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